2 min read / December 9, 2022

My friends Patrick and Jasmin run the co-working space Das Dorf in Mainz (Germany) and every year they host an awesome christmas-party among friends. Jasmin asked me 2 days before the event (which happened on 2022-12-09) if I could bring some xmas-like decoration with me. As I already used up my decoration at home (I ❤️ xmas), I created a winter wonderland in ThreeJS, which was projected onto a wall in their office.

You can check it out yourself:

Some aspects of this are pseudo-random, using the hash from fxhash as the seed. So every time you reload the page, these things are generated:



The project is released under MIT, but please take a look at the Resources to find the corresponding licenses for the third-party things I used.



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