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nd-genuary32nd-plants-chatgpt3-001 on fxhash


This artwork is partially generated by AI, and I seek to be as transparent as possible about the human and machine contributions.

From idea to foundation

For GENUARY 2023 (= generative art in January, a month when you have a different prompt every day and can use that to create art in any form you like) I wanted to create something myself, but had no idea what I could actually do. Instead, I played around with ChatGPT and explored how to generate GLSL (which worked in some simple cases but failed in many others) or learned the basics of writing smart contracts for Tezos.

On February 2nd, my friend 2xAA released his new album Alescere and I finally got the inspiration I needed because the cover artwork contained a minimalistic plant and “Alescere” is Latin for “to grow” (or at least it can be interpreted into this direction). Which was a perfect match for the “plants” prompt of GENUARY.

Since it was already February, I still wasn’t sure to get started with the artwork for GENUARY, but then I saw that fxhash had already announced GENUARY 32nd on their Discord: An imaginary point in time specifically for celebrating generative art. The idea was to have a week-long (February 1-7) minting party with submissions for GENUARY 2023. Soon after I also found another encouraging info on the website of GENUARY where it stated, that you could do the prompt whenever it was convenient to do so.

I was super motivated, but uncertain about how to get started. I created Canvas 2D stuff in the past, but never a growing plant. So I was wondering: Can I combine my plant idea with research on how to use ChatGPT to create generative art from scratch? The next day I started to record the whole process and it was actually working. The only thing that I totally underestimated was the time it took to edit the video (I had to do A LOT of voice overs), that’s why I missed the deadline (February 7) for GENUARY 32nd on fxhash by more than a month.

But it’s finally done and that’s all that matters. Please grab a glass of whatever, some snacks and watch the show: Create Generative Art with ChatGPT & JavaScript

Create Generative Art with ChatGPT & JavaScript

I have summarized the video for you if you don’t have time to watch it:

A field of flowers, generated with the help of ChatGPT


After holding the generated code from ChatGPT in my hands, I switched to my manual process (which involves using my human brain) to convert the foundation into something that can be actually minted on fxhash. I call this “fxhashify”, as this process is tailored to the capabilities of fxhash. If you are interested in this process, then please leave a comment on the video. If you just want to know what I changed, then please continue reading:


Everything is JavaScript + Canvas 2D and open source under AGPLv3



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