HEN 500000

Inspired by 500k OBJKTs on HEN, this piece represents both the number 500000 and the ever changing landscape of art. Eventually everything will dissolve and reappear in another dimension.

It’s also the first ever NFT by NERDDISCO.


When LiveJS started to work on the intro peformance for JSConf India 2021 from 30. - 31.10 in Habmurg, the idea of a Mandala style visual came immidiately into my mind. I found this awesome “Infinite Mandala by Liam Egan” (MIT license), converted it into ISF to have every parameter accessible, added a circle + flower shape and made it audio-reactive by using AudioFFT in JS (thanks to Sam Wray).

You can download nd-infinite-mandala from the brand new nd repository.

In modV

These steps are needed to reproduce the piece in modV:

 since 2014

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