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3 min read / July 17, 2012

Breaking Bad logo rebuild with CSS/HTML/JS

I really love the series and thought: What would be better than recreating the logo with awesome web technologies?

The Basics: CSS

I started with the chemical elements Br & Ba, because they are super easy to create with CSS. But what font is used here?

Google: “breaking bad font”
First hit is

One of the fonts is Arial MT Bold, so I can use the default Arial… nice! But wait. The other parts of the logo are set in a font called Bundy? I searched for a couple of minutes, but could not find this specific font. So what are my options?

An image? No: Not resolution independent and much too big in file size.
Another font? No: Are you kidding me? This must be real!

Special font operations: SVG

I never created a SVG before, but it is just an ordinary vector right? Perfect, so I opened Photoshop (inside my virtual Windows) and created the path for every letter.

And now just save as *.svg right? What? Are you kidding me? No SVG with Photoshop? Thanks Adobe.

Luckily, I have also Illustrator installed, so I exported my Photoshop Paths to Illustrator…, opened the exported *.ai (with Illustrator) and saved it as *.svg! That’s easy… isn’t it?

You can download the created SVG here:

Everything is perfect now. The logo looks just nice. But something is missing? Yes, the meth lab smoke!

How to create SVG

I wrote the article SVG - How to create & use vector graphics on the web where I describe how to create vector graphics (+ screencast).

Meth lab smoke: HTML5 canvas

Cause I’m really new to this hole canvas stuff I searched once again for a nice tutorial explaining how to do it right.

Google: “html5 canvas smoke”
One of the center hits is

And boom: What a nice smoke effect by Ed Welch. I had to create a few meth lab alike smoke puffs with Photoshop and adjust the default values of the JavaScript particle emitter.

Official theme song: HTML5 audio

For the third time in this article I use Google to find something… boring, but what should I do instead?

Google: “breaking bad theme”
One of the center hits is

I converted the *.mp3 to *.ogg, because the main browser don’t support every audio format. Why should they? That would be too easy. By the way: WE WANT OGG!!!

You might be wondering: How do you know what audio format you take for what browser?
The answer: I don’t, I use Modernizr! ? '*.ogg' : '*.mp3';


Breaking Bad logo rebuild with CSS/HTML/JS

Thanks goes to

Ed Welch

He created a freaking awesome canvas smoke effect.

Gray Ghost Visuals

He inspired me to add the official theme song with his comment at CodePen: audio intro please in honor of WW!

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